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Busker Alley

The Bronze Cowboy

An in-depth study in painted textures, this bronze cowboy is the epitome of the living human statue. Appreciation is inserted right into his golden guitar.
3:20 -

Greek Statue

This busker is doing his routine on a busy shopping street in Switzerland. Statues have been known to also perform in store fronts posing as mannequins.
0:59 -

Gold Statue

Here's a busker on the strip in Las Vegas doing some routine. He has an audience, takes a short break, then performs his motionless mindset.
0:24 -

Soul Statue

This living statue moves on tipping. Watch him show his artistry as he spins around to the music. Here, he gets a note from a appreciative fan.
0:45 -

Construction Worker

This human statue is frozen in time as he makes his way up a construction ladder in New Orleans. Interesting is the fact that only the onlookers move and not the busker.
0:12 -

Still Life

Here's a casual approach while apparently out doing errands. Now this busker can pick up a few extra bottles of pop as he makes his way home.
0:38 -

Robot Statue

This living human statue portrays the robot in New Orleans. He is able to accomodate his display with sounds that brings to life this robot from the distant future.
0:13 -
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Busker Alley